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Currently, Highway 56 is only partially completed. This is due to a variety of factors, ranging form funding shortfall to environmental concerns. There are two completed segments and one under construction.The first segment was completed in 1993 and runs between I-15 and Black Mountain Rd. in Rancho Peñasquitos. The second segment, which was completed in 1994 runs for 1 1/2 miles between El Camino Real and Carmel Country Rd. The connectors between SR-56 and I-5 is construction as a part of the I-5 / I-805 interchange improvement. The last segment is proposed to connect the existing segments and is the part which has brought the most difficulties.

At this point, the future of Highway 56 is uncertain. There is almost no doubt that it will be completed but the question is what form it will take. The proposals range from keeping with the original plan of making it a grade separated limited access highway to building it as a toll road, as has been done in Orange County and the future SR-125 in San Diego County. The determining factor is what kind of funding can be secured. Both "stub freeways" and the interchange with I-5 have been constructed with Transnet funds, which comes from a 1/2% sales tax passed in 1987. Currently, no Transnet funds have been identified for the middle segment and the only secure funding is $40 million from the City of San Diego, through which this highway passes. This falls short of the minimum estimate of $50 million and Caltrans' estimate of $65 - 100 million. The most likely scenario is a four lane (two lanes in each direction) freeway with two grade separated interchanges at Camino Ruiz and Camino Santa Fe.

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