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Personal Road and Highway Pages

[Robert Moses Causeway Sign] New York Area Roads, Crossings and Exits by Steve Anderson. Want to know more about the Parkways in and around New York? This is the page to see. He is constantly adding more information to his pages about these roads, so please see his What's New on "The Roads?" page for the latest additions.
[Historic US 99 Sign] Historical Highways Page by Mike Ballard. This page contains much detailed information about the roads and highways in the Santa Clarita area, north of Los Angeles. The cornerstone of this page is the detailed virtual tours of US 99 and US 6 in this area, which are two of the most interesting and historical sections of highway in California. Additionally, it also includes the history of other local roads and has some historic maps scanned in as well.
Wyoming State 56 Shield AARoads Site  by Andrew Field. This page is chock full of nifty content! This page helped me figure out what the deal is with the ISTEA and NHS High Priority Corridors, a claim which our national DOT still cannot make. Also be sure to check out the Wyoming Highways Page which gives incredible depth of coverage to this state's highway system.

California Highways

        highways banner] Both of these pages have tables which describe in detail the routing of California's highways and include interesting facts about them. These are a good place to look to see how this complex system of highways evolved.
[3di Logo] Kurumi's Humble House of Most Things Roadly This site is a road geek's delight. Scott Oglesby has included a comprehensive Connecticut Highways page, a listing of every three digit Interstate ("3di"), and a field guide to interchanges.
[Highway Signs Logo] State Highway Markers by James Lin. This now famous site has a very comprehensive collection of state highway sign graphics from all 50 states and Canada and a growing collection of signs from other countries.
[Traffic Stuf Logo] Traffic Stuf by Richard C. Moeur. Mr. Moeur is a highway guru. He works for the Arizona Dept. of Transportation (Remember: "This is not an official ADOT page. You have been warned.") and has applied his expertise into making an excellent Manual of Traffic Signs. He has also created several other pages with subjects ranging from bicycling in AZ to Historic Route 66 signing. Trafic Stuf also contains extensive links to other road related sites.
[Colorado Highway 1] Roads and Highways by Matthew Salek. He has placed a ton of information, which is listed below. It's well worth the visit!
  • Highway Numbering: In addition to the Interstate and US Highway systems, Matthew has included the numbering scheme from several states.
  • Colorado Highways: Now that we have heard about California State Highways and even Vermont Highways, it's time to give some attention to Colorado's extensive system of highways.
  • Southeastern Minnesota Highways:  This contains comprehensive information about the different highway types in Minnesota.
[US 101 Shield] US Route List by James Sterbenz. Looking for that complete listing of US Highways, past and present, yet frustrated by AASHTO's ambivalence? Look no further! In addition to the complete listing of US highways, there is also a listing of New England interstate highways (state routes) as well as information about Canadian and some Mexican highways.
[I-795] Zzyzx's Interstate Page An informative and often humorous listing of all the Interstate highways in the US, including those affronts to God, I-238 and I-Pork Barrel . . . er, I-99, the Bud Schuster Highway.

Historic Roads and Road Paraphernalia

California 53 California's Old Porcelain Enamel Traffic Signs As the title suggests, this site deals with California's old signs. This contains a history of the actual signs as well as telling about how the Automobile Club of Southern California and the California State Automobile Association placed these signs before the State decided to put them up.
California US 40 National Road/U.S. Route 40 Home Page This contains a lot of information about our nation's first federally funded road and information about related events and resources.
Lincoln Highway Sign Lincoln Highway by James Lin. This is a very well done page which documents the history of this landmark highway. The Lincoln Highway has a very important role in the history of roads in America as it was the first transcontinental highway. Its creation in 1913 made possible the nationwide system of numbered highways that ultimately (and ironically) replaced it.
California US 66 Route 66 on the Internet "Where the Mother Road Meets the Information Superhighway." The premier Route 66 site on the Web. This is about the most comprehensive page I have seen to date. Interestingly, as a testament to the popularity of the venerable road, the author Swa Frantzen is from Belgium.
 US 1 to US 830 US Highways : From US 1 to (US 830)


California Department of Transportation ("Caltrans")

United States Department of Transportation

SR-241: Foothill Toll Road (TC Agencies)


Government and Private Road Agencies

Bridge Over Shasta Lake
Another Caltrans feat: The I-5 Pit River Bridge

Other Road and Highway Resources

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All the above graphics with the exception of the following are original creations. The California State Highways Logo is originally from David Stanek's page, although I have modified the shields. The same applies to the CA SR-53 shield which I originally copied from James Lin's page and modified. The TCFWG Beltway Page logo is from William F. Yurasko, the State Highways and Lincoln Highway signs are from James Lin's pages and the Traffic Stuf Logo comes from Richard C. Moeur's page. The CO 1 sign can be found on Matthew Salak's page and the WY 56 sign is from Andrew Field's page. For more information about my original graphics please go to the About my US Highways Page.