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Conejo Valley and Grade


US 101 through the Conejo Valley resembles a modern day Interstate more than an historic US highway. The original sections have all been long since bypassed and it is mostly built up to Interstate standards. However, there are several sections, especially the one going down the Conejo Grade, that hark back to the days before the Interstates. All of the original road (to the left of the expressway in the picture) is still intact and is shown in the pictures below.

Picture from 1959 showing the Conejo Grade looking east. The old alignment is to the left and looks the same today.

101 Ventura Freeway over the Conejo Grade

Photograph courtesy of the Caltrans Library.

1930 Alignment (Agoura)

agoura_jm_peck_1930_stamp.jpg (25828 bytes)
Contractor's stamp dated July 29, 1930.

The section shown in the pictures below was built in
1930 as shown by the contractor's stamp in the concrete
(above) concrete and replaced a portion built in 1924. It
is typical of roads built in the 1930s as it has 10' lanes and
superelevated curves Ironically, the 1924 alignment now
acts as the frontage road since this portion was cut off by
the expressway in the 1950s. Note the superelevation on
the turn and the remnants of the white stripe in the picture
at right.

agoura_1930_white_stripe.jpg (24520 bytes)
1930 alignment with visible white line.


agoura-1924_1930s_road_join.jpg (19833 bytes)

calabasas-1934_concrete_curve.jpg (26847 bytes)
Above and right. This section is located east of the
Kanan Road exit and is parallel to Agoura Rd, which
is the frontage road and older alignment of US 101.

Below.  Two more views of the road. The picture at right
shows the combined 1924/1930 alignment.

agoura-1930_curve.jpg (24868 bytes) agoura-combined_alignment.jpg (24633 bytes)


agoura-1924_culvert.jpg (34881 bytes)
Above. The culvert is dated 1924.

Above right. Date on bridge is 1926.

agoura-1926_bridge.jpg (25173 bytes)

1920s Bridges

These two bridges show the attention to detail that is
characteristic of older bridges. Both have dates
stamped in the concrete, even the culvert at left and
the one above shows stylistic enhancements that are
noticeably absent from today's bridges.

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Conejo Grade

The current alignment was built in 1950s as an expressway and is still too steep and winding to be up to the Interstate standards for grade and curvature. This had replaced a section that had been built in 1930, much of which is still intact.

1930 Alignment

The alignment shown in the adjacent pictures is
the one visible in the picture from 1959 of the
expressway. Unlike today's freeway, this had many
curves in it to preserve the grade, a contrast to the
almost arrow straight and steep alignment of today's
US 101.

Right. Two views of the alignment showing the
nature of the many turns.

Below. This is "twin slab" concrete leading into the
"single slab." It appears both were constructed at
the same time.

conejo_grade-1930_orchard_view.jpg (20753 bytes)
conejo_grade-1930_two_to_one_slab.jpg (20308 bytes) conejo_grade-1930_straight_and_curved.jpg (21065 bytes)


1950s Expressway


conejo_pass_expwy_construction.jpg (37003 bytes)

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