US Highway 399


US 399 was a rather short highway that went from Ventura to Pumpkin Center, just south of Bakersfield. It was and still is (as SR-33) the main road connecting Ventura and Santa Barbara to the San Joaquin Valley. The nearest roads to the San Joaquin Valley are I-5 (US 99), over 40 miles to the east and SR-166 which is 106 miles to the north via US 101. It also provides access to the Los Padres National Forest, the former home of the endangered California Condor. [US 399 and SR-33

US 399 was replaced by SR-33 in 1964


US 399 at a Glance

Original Routing

[1939 US 399 Map]

Map above is from 1939 and shows the complete route of US 399.
H.M. Gousha Company.

US 399 started at US 101 in Ventura where SR-33 is now. It then followed SR-33 north to the intersection with SR-166 where it was co-signed with SR-166 as SR-33 is today. It continued north from SR-166 to SR-119. It then followed SR-119 to its end at SR-99 (US 99).

Current Status in California

US 399 was completely decommissioned on July 1, 1964. The original routing still exists as SR-33 and SR-119.

Intersections With Other US Highways

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