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While California has been blessed with the best climate in the world and an abundance of natural resources, it has been cursed by natural barriers that make access to and from the state difficult. This is especially apparent in northern California, where there were only two year-round routes: US 40 and US 50. It was for this reason that US 466 was a major highway in California and even remains so to this day as SR-58. It provided access for people from northern California the rest of the United States without having to go through Los Angeles or pass over the Sierra Nevada. Even though it started right at the Pacific Ocean at Morro Bay, its most important leg was the one that headed east from Bakersfield and crossed the Tehachapi Mountains, which constitute the southernmost extension of the Sierra Nevada. From there it intersected US 66 and US 91 in Barstow, which were the two major routes that connected with the rest of the United States. In the 1950s and again in the 1960s, the importance of this route was acknowledged by attempts to give it Interstate highway funding, although both times it was rejected. California has finally acknowledged this road's significance by proceeding with construction to bring its successor, SR-58, up to expressway and freeway standards between I-5 and I-15. This is an action that will be welcomed by the many truckers and others from northern California who have used this route as a reliable alternative to the treacherous passes of the Sierra Nevada and the unbearable traffic of metropolitan Los Angeles.


Original Routing

US 466 went from Morro Bay, on the California coast to Kingman, Arizona. It followed SR-41 from its western terminus at SR-1 to SR-46 at Shandon, crossing US 101 at Atascadero. It then followed SR-46 to SR-99 at Famoso. From there US 466 followed SR-99 to SR-204, Golden State Ave, which it followed to the south. At the intersection with Union Ave, it headed east on Sumner Ave, which turned into Edison Highway. It then followed the general path of SR-58 east to Barstow, to the intersection with present day I-15. From there it continued north along I-15 to the Nevada border, being co-signed with US 91.

Current Status Outside of California

US 466 no longer remains as a signed highway. Upon the completion of I-15 in the late 1960s, there was no continued need for this highway, as its functions were duplicated by I-15 and US 93; consequently, AASHTO voted to decommission it.

Current Status in California

US 466 was one of the highways which ceased to exist within California on July 1, 1964. It was replaced by SR-41, SR-46, SR-99, SR-58 and I-15. Much of the original highway remains unchanged and in constant use. However, SR-58 is being upgraded to freeway and expressway standards, which is eliminating portions of old US 466. Even though an historic road is falling by the wayside, it is for a good cause since the road has become severely choked with traffic in recent years.

Intersections With Other US Highways

  • Intersection with US 101 in Atascadero.
  • Co-routed with US 99 from Famoso to Bakersfield.
  • Intersection with US 395 at Kramer Junction.
  • Co-routed with US 91 from Barstow to Nevada border.


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