Aerial Photograph of Violin Summit (1994)

Courtesy US Geological Survey


I-5_templin_hwy_area_5-7-98_large.jpg (110066 bytes)

The above picture shows the last section of US 99 to be replaced by I-5, which happened on August 24, 1970.
I-5 is the series of two thick lines that converge in the lower right hand corner and go diagonally to the
upper left; the interchange is Templin Highway. The visible superseded section of US 99 is mostly just the
grade, but there is a paved portion visible in the upper left, disappearing under I-5. It reappears on the right
hand side and forms a semi circle before going back under the northbound lanes of I-5 in the lower right. Half
the curve is visible from the northbound lanes of I-5, but it takes the aerial picture to see how it all fits. This
picture also shows the huge improvement in grade and alignment the freeway has over the old road.

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