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395 in Riverside County, 1954
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This map shows the construction of US 395 in Riverside County between 1942 and 1950. The construction done in 1942 was a wartime project to widen the highway to four lanes to allow easier access to what is now March Air Force base. The other projects included widening the road through Cajon Pass (see next page), the construction of portions of the Riverside Freeway (then the La Cadena Freeway), and a bypass of Lake Elsinore, which took several miles off of the route.


US 395 / SR-71 Interchange 

This intersection marks the divergence of the old and new alignments of US 395, which has been replaced by the I-15 / I-215 split north of Temecula. Prior to 1953, US 395 followed the route of SR-71 (now I-15) to Elsinore, then doglegged east along SR-74 to Perris. The new alignment was built as a two and four lane expressway with some grade separations along what is now I-215.

Temecula, 1952
This photograph shows what is now the junction of I-15 and I-215; SR-71 / Old US 395 (I-15) is the one that splits to the left, while US 395 (I-215) now follows the alignment of what was then US 395 to the right. 


395-71_intersection_1956a.jpg (16879 bytes)
395-71_intersection_1956.jpg (15655 bytes)

SR-71 crosses US 395 on the separation structure, heading to the left. US 395 was a four lane expressway in the picture, but just to the north it went down to two lanes, following what later became the southbound lanes. The grading work for the future northbound lanes had already been done, but paving was held off since there was not enough traffic to justify it being four lanes its entire length.

Photographs courtesy of the Caltrans Library.


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1950 - 1953 Alignment

Blasting hillside for highway, 1952The "Big Cut"

This picture shows blasting work being done for a large cut along the new alignment of US 395 between Temecula and Perris. This particular cut was the biggest project for this section of highway. It was widened in 1979 when I-15E (at the time, now I-215) was widened from two to four lanes. Old US 395 is now the southbound lanes of the freeway.

The "Big Cut" as it appeared in 1953.

The "Big Cut" 46 years later in 1999.

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Additional Views of Four Lane Expressway, 1954

These sections were resigned as Sign Route I-15E (Route 215) in 1972 and are now part of I-215. The bridges in the photograph were built in 1953 and still exist today, though modified as can be seen in the photograph I took.

395 at SR-74 (1954)

Left: the intersection with SR-74 at the exact location of the current I-215/SR-74 (east) interchange. However, this interchange was turned into a grade separation in 1962.
Below and Right: US 395 near Perris looking to the two grade separated interchanges. The picture at right was taken from approximately the location of the I-215/SR-74 (west) interchange and shows the transition from two to four lanes. 1954 picture of US 395 expressway

Caltrans photo of US 395 from D Street Bridge in Perris.
from the D Street overcrossing looking to Perris Blvd.

Same location, 1999. Note the modification to the Perris Blvd bridge, most notably the addition of the fence and concrete guardrail.


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